360 degree final

360 degree multi rater feedback tool

When you outsource your 360 feedback process to us, we ease your initiative by designing, developing and deploying feedbacks. This will help you obtain valuable insights in very little time which will enable you to work on self-reflection and in depth improvement.

Methodology: Online
Interpretation and coaching: Group work

compass final

Compass assessment

This is a simple and customisable competency assessment tool that fits young workforce effectively.

Methodology: Online

teiq final

TeiQ Assessment

The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue is Thomas’ emotional intelligence assessment. Emotional intelligence involves recognizing, understanding, and controlling our own and other people’s emotions, so that we and others can be as productive and effective as possible. This is a comprehensive assessment report that focuses on areas right from Emotional quotient to professional competencies that need to be balanced for professional and business success.

PDA final

PDA assessments

People Development Analyser is unique tool that gives both Managers and Reportee clear indicators on work behavior, motivators, derailleurs and competency scores. Its easy , quick and simple online assessment for the quickies on the go.
Methodology: Online
Interpretation and coaching: one to one session/ group work

mbti final

mbti assessment

The renowned Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment is for organisations that look at team development through better understanding of self and others. It helps in ironing conflicts, interpersonal issues and appreciating differences in a team.

Methodology: Online
Interpretation and coaching: Group work

harrisson final

Harrisson assessment

One of the valuable world class people development model for your leaders in the middle and senior level management is Incisive leadership traits analyzer. Our tool will offer incisive, personal and professional insights that will be instrumental in their leadership path.

Methodology: Online
Interpretation and coaching: One to one session

disc final

DiSC assessments

International Thomas Disc Assessments is meant for workforce that is dynamic, fast paced and learns on the go. Our simple Disc reports give points to ponder for professional improvement.

Methodology: Online
Interpretation and Coaching: Group Work

The assessment has two subsets:
Emotional Intelligence Tool
Holistic Leadership View tool



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